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A blocky, pixel-font for use in retro or pixel-style games. Blockier letters are uppercase, more pixelated letters are lowercase. This is my first font! 

Character set:



. ,  : ; - _ ~ # ? ¿ ! ¡ ( ) [ ] ' " + = / \... ~ • { }  | < > ^ % ÷ ×

Arcadia in use

The Wasps and the Bees by SyrupOnWaffles

Planet Colonizer by Mitchell Todd



If you like this font please consider supporting me for more free fonts in future. I’d also love to see what you make with this, send me a link!

Big thanks to my sister for testing the usability of this font in one of her games.


Arcadia by Alex Wan is licensed under CC BY 4.0  (free to use in commercial projects, attribution required)


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Arcadia-Regular.otf 8 kB
Arcadia-Regular.woff 5 kB
Arcadia-Regular.ttf 13 kB

Development log


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Beautiful font for my first game jam game, feel free to drop a comment and play it over at: https://mrmuffinman61.itch.io/planet-colonizer and drop a vote over at: https://itch.io/jam/lm0b-beginners-game-jam-28/rate/1047844 Voting opens May 22nd 12pm EST :)!

Just checked out your game, it was fun! Thank you for using my font :)

Used it again in this project! I like it so much i will continue to use it!!! https://mrmuffinman61.itch.io/hungry-frog

Aww thank you! I'll check it out :)

This looks beautiful man. Great job!

thank you!

What's up, font looks nice! What about the license? Can anybody use it in any project, including commercial ones?

Thank you! It's licensed under Creative Commons so you are free to use it in any project including commercial as long as you give attribution. Donations are greatly appreciated :)

Looks nice! My game engine doesn't support anything else than .ttf if i remember correctly. But i will give it a go and maybe write some code to asapt to other formats!

Thank you so much! The software I'm using doesn't currently support exporting .ttf but I'm looking at some alternatives to be able to make it, so please check back if you can't get it to work with your game engine :)

I've just came back to development after the weekend and i see you've added .ttf! Thank you i'm going to try this out asap

Yes I managed it in the end! Would love to see anything you make with it!

Everything is working nice so far! When i run applications on my engine, windows console appears, it's there for debugging and stuff but i wanted to keep it for engine messages and in game messages will appear on the game screen with your nice looking font! Sdl2 does not support shaders though and i have to render seperate text as an outline, but that's a minor inconvienience. I may be posting an alpha of my project soon. And when i do i will inform you!